MelonShooter's Staff Application

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MelonShooter's Staff Application

Post by MelonShooter on Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:47 pm

Your name in game:
Your Steam ID or Steam Community Profile Page:
Why do you want to be Staff for DerpRP Community?
I would like to be staff because I have seen mass rdmers on this server, but I cannot do anything about it except record the footage and hope an admin comes on a few hours later. In my screenshots, you can see that a citizen is owning printers on the server as well. Look at my screenshots page in my profile. I can't make a link because I need to be on the forums for over 7 days.
I also have a youtube video that catches many rule breakers on camera. However, it says I can't post links on here because I need to have an account in the forums for 7 days, but I will give you what to put after.
Must be 15 years of age. Are you?:
Yes I am.
Must follow, enforce and understand the server rules (Not a question):
Yes, I will follow, enforce, and understand the server rules.
I will play on the server for 2 hours every other day (one day yes one day no)(7days) (Not a question):
Yes, I will.
Members of the community you know:
Woshua, BLEEP_BLOOP, 8BitPimp, austin, DDog, hondo, Reesy Pie, (There's probably more, but none that I can think of right now.)
Have a clear working microphone:
I do have a clear working microphone, however sometimes my speakers are turned off.
Will never misuse any Staff permissions. Acknowledge that your Staff rank will be stripped for misconduct (Not a question):
I will never misuse Staff permissions and I acknowledge that my staff rank can be stripped for misconduct.
I will never undermine/overrule other Staff:
I will never undermine/overrule other staff.
What past experience do you have with using ULX and Admin?
I have been an admin on Outlaw's DarkRP with BLEEP_BLOOP and I have owned a server before so I have gotten myself very familiar with ULX. I even have binds for things like jail and freeze.
Have You Had Any Bans, Kicks, or Warns On The Server?:
None, I am completely clean!
Have You Had Any Experience Morderating / Staffing? (It's moderating):
As I have said up above, I have been an admin on Outlaw's DarkRP and I have owned a server before.
Why Should We Make You Temp?:
You should make me temp because I have lots of experience and I play on weekdays unlike other staff.
What Can You Do Towards The Server?:
I can improve the server with a list of suggestions I have made. However, I ask that there be a suggestions page on the forums so there can be community input on the server.
A Bit About Me:

I love coding and playing video games and I have devved on other servers.


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