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Your name in game: BLEEP_BLOOP

Your Steam ID or Steam Community Profile Page: STEAM_0:0:82849038

Why do you want to be Staff for DerpRP Community? I want to be staff for the DerpRP community because lately I have seen many people breaking rules like RDM and NLR. These are usually when admins are offline. This evening is a good example of this. Two hackers were chat spamming, mass RDMing, aimbotting, ghosting through walls, prop spamming, etc.

Must be 15 years of age. Are you?: Yes

Must follow, enforce and understand the server rules: Yes

I will play on the server for 2 hours every other day (one day yes one day no)(7days): Yes

Members of the community you know: Woshua, Froot-snak, 8BitPimp, DDog, z2K, Reesey Pie (I think I also recognize him from Metal Gaming.), austin, MelonShooter, Caped Baldy

Have a clear working microphone: Yes

Will never misuse any Staff permissions. Acknowledge that your Staff rank will be stripped for misconduct: Yes

I will never undermine/overrule other Staff: Yes

What past experience do you have with using ULX and Admin? I used to own a server. It had a couple custom coded simple addons I did with a friend. I have administrated on many servers such as Outlaw's DarkRP and Meme Gaming. On my own server, I made the ULX groups myself and I know how to use ULX effectively. I have binds for some commands like freeze and unfreeze.

Have You Had Any Bans, Kicks, or Warns On The Server?: I was kicked one time some time ago for AFK Printing, but nothing other than that.

Have You Had Any Experience Moderating / Staffing?: As i mentioned in the question asking about my past experience with ULX and Admin, I've owned a server before and administrated on servers such as Outlaw's DarkRP and Meme Gaming.

Why Should We Make You Temp?: I have tons of experience and I get on when admins are off during the weekdays. I've noticed there are a lot of rule breakers when admins aren't on. (Admins usually aren't on during evening time.)

What Can You Do Towards The Server?: I can help stop the rule breakers and maybe even fix a couple bugs on the server because I'm good at developing (Adding jobs, shipments, entities and Fixing crashes, LUA errors) on servers as well.

A Bit About Me: I like to help people and I love to fix technical problems at school. Gamemodes I like in Garry's Mod include DarkRP, TTT, and PropHunt.

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