Asuka Kurashina Application

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Asuka Kurashina Application

Post by Asuka Kurashina on Sat Apr 16, 2016 3:21 am

Your name in game:Asuka Kurashina

Your Steam ID or Steam Community Profile Page:STEAM_0:1:56413718

Why do you want to be Staff for UltimateRP?:I want to be staff for DerpRp because The amount of people that still don't follow the rules are somewhat increasing and I want to help get rid at least lead them to the right path and follow the rules

Must be 15 years of age. Are you?:Currently 15

Must follow, enforce and understand the server rules:Yes

I will play on the server for 2 hours every other day (one day yes one day no)(7days):I'm able to play at least 2-3 hours in Weekdays and about like 4-6 hours in weekends but since the people on this community are really entertaining which makes it worth it

Members of the community you know:8bitJohn,TckMatrix,Kirk(:DDDDDDDDDD),LimitedFusion,Frnk

Have a clear working microphone:I have a microphone but it constantly echoes my game

Will never misuse any Staff permissions. Acknowledge that your Staff rank will be stripped for misconduct:I don't plan on misusing/abusing any of the Staff Permissions I've received and most of the time I'll ask 8bit or any higher staff a question before doing so.

I will never undermine/overrule other Staff:I respect most staff and I don't plan on overruling any other staff even to those that I dislike.

What past experience do you have with using ULX and Admin?:I've only used Ulx a few times due to be a staff on some DeathRun Servers but I'm ready to go do some searching if I don't know or understand anything

Have You Had Any Bans, Kicks, or Warns On The Server?:No I don't think so currently.

Have You Had Any Experience Morderating / Staffing?:Yes I've been a staff on a DeathRun Server and a TTT server not really sure if it will help as much since they're both different gamemodes.

Why Should We Make You Temp?:I'm not really sure what to do here but I don't have much reasons why I should be temp but if I had any I'd say that I most of the time will follows the rules, and I don't have anyone that I will make an exception toward the rules (pretty sad right v-v not really good reasons)

What Can You Do Towards The Server?hopefully to be able to help new players into showing them the right path especially to those that just started playing the Game Itself.

A Bit About Me:I'm from Canada I was born in Japan in April 24 2000 and Moved to Canada when I was 5 I enjoy watching Anime and Reading Manga As well I'm a failure when it comes to English but I'm decent at everything else,I like to have fun and goof around but I try not to go overboard.

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