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Post by tylerv602 on Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:39 pm

Your name in game: tylerv602.

Your Steam ID or Steam Community Profile Page: steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047730573/

Why do you want to be Staff for UltimateRP? I want to be staff because there are alot of rule breakers and i want to help out, i have been admin and owner on many servers.

Must be 15 years of age. Are you?: yes sir.

Must follow, enforce and understand the server rules: Yes sir

I will play on the server for 2 hours every other day (one day yes one day no)(7days): yes sir.

Members of the community you know:dog, and i have specked with john

Have a clear working microphone: yes

Will never misuse any Staff permissions. Acknowledge that your Staff rank will be stripped for misconduct: i will not abuse my powers on the server i will use them for good.

I will never undermine/overrule other Staff: yes sir i will never over rule other staff.

What past experience do you have with using ULX and Admin? my server and on homeless gaming.

Have You Had Any Bans, Kicks, or Warns On The Server?: no sir

Have You Had Any Experience Morderating / Staffing?:yes sir

Why Should We Make You Temp?:because im on everyday.

What Can You Do Towards The Server?: i can help out the other staff in need because so far while on this server theirs only been like one on at a time.

A Bit About Me: im a funny guy if you get to know me, i can be really mean if you mess with me.


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